Most projects start with understanding the feasibility of doing the project in the first place. If you are considering purchasing a property with a certain project in mind, a feasibility review may also be an important first step. The Feasibility Review service consists of meeting with the applicable agencies to determine the rules and requirements that must be met to obtain a permit for your project. Upon completion, Permit Granted LLC will meet with you to review these requirements and provide a recommendation for moving forward.

Provide guidance, recommendations, and coordination of professionals on an ad hoc basis to assist you with understanding requirements and obtaining your permit.

FULL PERMIT SERVICE - Quoted based on project scope

The permitting process can be complex and time-consuming. The coordination of several professionals is often needed. The staff at Permit Granted LLC have expertise in the process and relationships with many professionals, resulting in a streamlined effort to obtain your permit. While obtaining a permit can never be guaranteed, with the Full Permit service, all of the details, coordination, and communication required to obtain your permit will be completed efficiently and professionally.


Some clients may manage their own permitting process but need help with some of the more complicated aspects of the project. Permit Granted LLC is happy to provide a portion of the Full Permit services at an hourly rate. This may include site visits to review project status and provide recommendations, coordinating of other professionals, or representation at agency hearings. If your permit process is already underway and you need additional assistance, our Consulting & Coordination Service might be right for you. 

Based on project scope and services requested:

  • We contact you to obtain an initial understanding of your project
  • We research applicable agencies to obtain information about the project parcel
  • We visit the project site to obtain a visual understanding of your project
  • We meet with applicable agencies to understand the rules and requirements for your project
  • We recommend additional professionals who might participate in your project
  • We meet with additional professionals participating in your project
  • We gather the required information to submit to applicable agencies
  • We track status of requested permits to assure the process moves along
  • We represent your interests and keep you informed along the way
  • Upon successful issuance of your permit, we provide a package of the essential documentation for you and your contractors

Permit Consulting & Processing

Service Options & Rates

Understand the rules and requirements for completing a specific project


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Coordinate and obtain the required documentation, engineering, and reviews needed to submit and ultimately receive approved permits for your project.

Permits are an important part of every project. Avoiding permits can result in additional fees, work stoppage, legal action, and the inability to use your property. Navigating the permit process can be costly, frustrating, and time-consuming.  Our services are designed to give you a customized approach to manage the permitting side of your project. 

Terri Schultz, Owner

Building Permit processing and consulting services in Pierce County

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